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From June 18 to 23, 2019, the city of Udonthani, in Thailand, will host the double-gender FIVB Under 21 World Championships.

Host City

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Volleyball and beach volleyball popularity in Thailand is among the highest in the world. Thailand competed in and staged two rounds of matches in this year’s Volleyball Nations League, and the Thailand Volleyball Federation has staged a number of FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour events of various star categories.

Host City:

Udon Thani is a provincial capital city in northeast Thailand. The city's economy was boosted by the proximity to Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base during the Vietnam War and retains reminders of that time in the form of bars, coffee shops, and hotels.
The city is home to one of the world’s earliest bronzeage civilizations, at Ban Chiang.  Archaeological evidence – earthenware pottery and bronze fragments – unearthed here suggest that the prehistoric settlements existed between 2100BC and 200AD. Other ancient structures and artifacts are also found inside Phu Phra Baht Historical Park. Here, rising amidst a vast sandstone mountain are peculiar rock formations, as well as dinosaur foot prints, cave paintings and Buddhist structures.
The main touristic attractions are Ban Chiang (renowned archeological site), Phu Phra Baht Historical Park, Phu Foi (eco-tourism destination), Nong Prajak Park.


Venue: Thung Si Mueang, Mak Khaeng, Mueang Udonthani City, Thailand

Closest Airport: Udonthani International Airport 

Distance from airport to venue: 5.5km

Training courts: Thung Si Mueang

Number of courts: 4 Courts


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